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About Suneil Anand

Male actor Suneil Anand from India, famous due to tollywood

Director and Actor


Suneil Anand Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Suneil Anand is a film actor and is the son of actor/director Dev Anand and former actress Kalpana Kartik. His mother's real name is Mona. He is currently involved in running Navketan Films. He is 5'9" tall, born on June 30th. He has a degree in business administration from American University, Washington, D.C.. His uncles are Vijay and Chetan Anand. His cousins are Bollywood actor/film-maker, Shekhar, and Neelu and Aruna. Neelu was married to actor Navin Nischal, while Aruna was married to Ajay/Parikshat, the son of Balraj Sahni. Both Neelu and Aruna are now divorced. His mother, Neelu and Aruna have converted to Christianity.

He has acted in Anand Aur Anand (1984) Car Thief (1986), Main Tere Liye (1988) and Master (2001). He trained in martial arts in Hong Kong.

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