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About Juhi Babbar

Female actress Juhi Babbar from India, famous due to bollywood

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Juhi Babbar Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Juhi Babbar is an Indian film actress whose father, Raj Babbar, and brother, Arya Babbar, are both film actors. She is married to Bejoy Nambiar. Her half brother Prateek Smit Babbar is also an actor.

She made her film debut in 'Kash Aap Hamare Hote' opposite Sonu Nigam. However, the film failed to do well at the box office. Juhi Babbar also did a Punjabi Film with Jimmy Shergill, a well known Bollywood actor, couple years back. The film did good in Punjab and it was also liked by overseas Punjabi audience.

She is now married and haven't seen in films after her sucessfull Punjabi movie "Yaaran Naal Baharaan".

She is now acting in TV comedy produced by Shah Rukh Khan by name Ghar Ki Baat Hai, a tri-weekly (Friday to Sunday) Starting from 30th jan 09 on NDTV Imagine where she acts as a house-wife.

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