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About Kalpana Kartik

Female actress Kalpana Kartik from India, famous due to bollywood

Supporting Actor


Kalpana Kartik Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Kalpana Kartik is an actress in Hindi movies. Mona aka Kalpana was elected to be beauty queen in her college days in Shimla. She starred in 5 films in the 1950s.

Her first was Baazi(1951), in which she co-starred with her then future husband Actor Dev Anand, with whom she also stars in all her subsequent films. Her other films were Aandhiyan(1952),Taxi Driver (1954), House no 44(1954) and Nau Do Gyaraah(1957). Kalpana married to actor Dev Anand on the set of film Taxi Driver. Their son, Suneil Anand, also tried to dabble in acting but was unsuccessful.

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