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About Malik Anokha

Male comedian Malik Anokha from Pakistan, famous due to film



Malik Anokha Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Aisa bhi hota hay (Urdu - 1965)
Malik Anokha is a senior stage comedian, now a days he is also busy in TV dramas. He knows many language and acted in mostly Sindhi films in his career. He belongs to Mir Pur Khas, Sindh. Dubai Chalo was his hit TV drama in late 70's.
Other films Chori Chupay (1965), Shehro feroze (1968), Munjho Piar pukarey (1974), Badal ain barsat, Rut ja rishta, Dharti lahe kunwar, Dharti dilwaran ji (1975), Aj ta bhakar payon (1976), Hazir saien (1977), Umeed (1983), Hakim Khan (1986), Toofan (1987), Dushman and Mahran ja moti (1988), Beus (1989) and Meeran Jamali (1990).

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