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About Sawan

Male comedian Sawan from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Sawan Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Karnama (Urdu - 1956)
Last film: Darya Khan (Sindhi - 1991)
His real name was Zafar Ahmad Butt (aka Jafra) who belongs to a Kashmiri family from Sialkot. He appeared first time in a Karachi made Urdu film Karnama in 1956. He struggled many years and got fame from director Haidar Chodhary's super hit film Tees Mar Khan in 1963. He was almost in every film as villain in which Allauddin was hero. Lai lagg, Junj, Malang, Phanney Khan, Nizam Lohar, Chalbaz, Punj Darya were some of them. He was villain actor in many of Akmal's films as well (Doli, Malangi, Lal Bujhakar, Dhol Sipahi, Bahadur Kisan etc.) and also in some other films as Chann Makhna, Sajjan pyara, Sajjan Dushman...
He was seen in title role in film Goonga first time in 1966. Jigri Yaar in 1967 was one of his famous film in title role. He got positive roles from film Pagri sanbhal Jatta (1968). Lachhi, Sheran di jori, Langotia, Dhee Rani, Mukhra Chann warga, Aukha Jatt, Ishq na puchhe zat, Sheran de Puttar Sher, Sohna Jani etc. and film Anwara in 1970 made him a most for Punjabi films. This film celebrated platinum jubilee in Karachi. Then he played title roles in many films in the beginning of the 1970s. Khan ChaCha in 1972 was his best film as actor which was the first ever diamond jubilee Punjabi film in Pakistan. Asghara, Zaildar, Hashu Khan, Khazanchi, Mali, Sheru, Baba Dina, Qasu, Sardara, Pehlwan ji in London, Mera Babul and Budha Sher were other films in title roles.
After the great success of film Khan ChaCha, he demanded a huge amount for his next big film Basheera but his role was offered to Sultan Rahi with less than 1/10 of total amount. Sultan Rahi's great success was a huge below for Sawan and latter he was forced to accept minor roles in many films til his death on July 6, 1998.

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