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About Najam Sheraz

Male singer Najam Sheraz from Pakistan, famous due to tv

Pakistani Pop Icon


Najam Sheraz Singer Pictures Interview Biography

Najam Sheraz, 33 [born 02 August 1969], is one of Pakistan's most popular pop vocalists. His career took off with the release of his first single "In Sey Nain" in 1994. He won the illustrious 1996 Pro Audio Show Award for best newcomer and later went onto record the single "Mera Jee Nahin Lagay", which was used in the 20th Century Fox movie "Split Wide Open".

Najam Sheraz says: I have always been thankful to Almighty Allah for giving me this life and my voice. By doing this album I want to thank Him for giving me a new life a very beautiful life which I have always been dreaming of(Roop Nagar and Aoo wahan chalain) Oh my God its real….Yeh moamla koi aur hae….It’s a miracle …..for someone like me who has lived a fairly sinful life it’s a greatest gift from Allah, a chance to improve as a human and become a Muslim in the sight of Allah. Its about time that the educated people of Pakistan should understand the message of Allah Al-Quran and portray the actual picture of Islam in the world and that is PEACE in every aspect of life. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said “The best amongst you is the one who learns and teaches the knowledge of Quran”. I would like to thank all of your encouragement and love PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.I would like to thank my parents and Aisha for the support and care and everyone at Quran class for their appreciation.My deepest gratitude to one and only BABAR BHAI, (MR. BABAR R. CHAUDHRI), for his affection, unconditional love and care. Is it not a miracle that someone who has never written a word in his entire life writes for the first time and that turns out to be Hamd “Yeh Moamla Koi Aur Hae” and a Naat “Rahain Bhataknay waalay” and then on my request he wrote “Hamari Pehchan”, “Gilay Shikway” and “Kar Liya Sauda”. Thank you very much for giving my voice a direction and making this ability more meaningful and positive.I would like to thank all beautiful people involved in bringing this special album out. Thank you and love you all.

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