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About Madiha Shah

Female actress Madiha Shah from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood



Madiha Shah

She became top heroine in the first half of the 90s and was seen mostly in double version (Punjabi/Urdu) films. Her first film Nageena (1995) by director Altaf Hussain was a true copy of an Indian film, even the film music by the veteran music director M. Ashraf was not original. Nigahen (1991) was her biggest film in the title role. Madiha's comeback in Majajan (2006) was welcomed but only as supporting actress.
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1990 Raja P/U Nadira, Nadeem, Javaid Sheikh, Madiha Shah
2 1990 Nageena P/U Madiha Shah, Shaan, Neelo, Afzaal
3 1991 Aslah P/U Madiha Shah, Suleman, Tariq Shah
4 1991 Gulfam P/U Madiha Shah, Shaan, Sultan Rahi
5 1991 Ishq Deewana P/U Madiha Shah, Shaan, Abid
6 1991 Mard P/U Madiha Shah, Shaan, Abid
7 1991 Medan-e-Jang P/U Reema, Sultan Rahi, Madiha Shah
8 1991 Moula te Mukho Punjabi Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Madiha Shah
9 1991 Nigahen P/U Madiha Shah, Shaan
10 1991 Rangeelay Chor P/U Madiha Shah, Ajab Gul
11 1991 Wardatia Punjabi Madiha Shah, Albela, Ismael Shah
12 1992 Be-nam Badshah Punjabi Madiha Shah, Shaan
13 1992 Boxer Punjabi Madiha Shah, Shaan
14 1992 Jeena chahti hun Urdu Madiha Shah, Ismael Shah
15 1992 Mr. 420 Urdu Madiha Shah, Umar Sharif
16 1992 Naela P/U Madiha Shah, Shaan
17 1992 Nargis P/U Madiha Shah, Javed Sheikh
18 1993 Nagin Sapera P/U Madiha Shah, Jan Rambo, Izhar Qazi
19 1993 Tabedar Urdu Madiha Shah, Moin Khan
20 1994 Jameela P/U Madiha Shah, Ismael Shah
21 1994 Munda Kashmiri P/U Reema, Shaan, Madiha Shah
22 1994 Sanam Bewafa P/U Madiha Shah, Izhar Qazi, Sahiba
23 1994 Zameen Aasman P/U Madiha Shah, Sultan Rahi, Umar Sharif
24 1994 International Luterey P/U Madiha Shah,Sultan Rahi, Saima, Nadeem
25 1994 Phool Urdu Madiha Shah, Umar Sharif, Nadeem
26 1994 Andaz Urdu Madiha Shah, Nadeem, Kanwal, Asad, Amir
27 1995 Ajab Khan Urdu Madiha Shah, Badar Munir
28 1995 Ishthari Mujrim Punjabi Madiha Shah, Sultan Rahi
29 1995 Main ne pyar kiya Punjabi Madiha Shah, Shaan, Nargis
30 1995 Damm Mast Qalandar P/U Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Madiha, Mohd Ali
31 1995 Awargi Urdu Madiha Shah, Shaan, Nadeem, Umar Sharif
32 1996 Ajab Khan Pashto Madiha Shah, Badar Munir
33 1996 Chamak Urdu Madiha Shah, Suleman, Reena
34 1996 Da Khaibar zalme Pashto Madiha Shah, Badar Munir
35 1996 Munda Shararti Punjabi Madiha Shah, G. Mohayuddin, Jan Rambo
36 1997 Mafia Urdu Reema, Madiha, Babur, Saud, Nadeem
37 2006 Majajan Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Madiha Shah, Saud, Adeeb

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