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About Nighat Sultana

Female actress Nighat Sultana from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Heroine, Supporting Actress


Nighat Sultana Actress Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Mehbooba (Urdu - 1953)
Last film: Ishtihari Mujrim (Pashto - 1987)
She was heroine in the beginning of her film career, then she became supporting actress in many films as Ashiyana, Chingari (1964) and Afsana Zindgi ka (1972).

Nighat Sultana as heroine:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1956 Ummar Marvi Sindhi Nighat Sultana, Fazlani, Noor Mohammad Charlie
2 1958 Sassi Punnu Sindhi Nighat Sultana, Saqi, Rukhshi, Siani Atish
3 1958 Lakhpatti Urdu Nighat Sultana, Saqi, Nasreen, Asha Poslay, Jamaal
4 1959 Neend Urdu Noor Jehan, Aslam Pervez, Neelo, Nighat Sultana, Asad Jaafri, Diljeet Mirza, Rakhshi, Talish, Allauddin
5 1961 Bombay wala Urdu Nighat Sultana, Saqi, Nayyar Sultana, Jamaal
6 1963 Marvi Sindhi Nighat Sultana, Fazlani, Rukhsana, Nasira
7 1964 Pyar na karna nadan Urdu Nighat Sultana, Baqar Rizvi, Rukhsana, Saqi, Talish
Her real name is Gulzar Bigum, born in 1935 in Iraq. Her father was Bengali origin working in army and was sent to Iraq during the 1st World War where he got married with an Iraqi Kurd woman. At the age of 14, she returned to Pakistan, Karachi with her father. Nighat also worked in army hospital as Nurse for some time before joining films. She got married with Hassan Tariq. Reena (Saboohi) was her daughter but Nighat always claimed her as sister due to some reasons. She will be remembered for the very impressively character role of an invalid young girl in Riaz Shahid's film Susral (1962). (by Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia)

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