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TV Asia was the first Asian TV channel to be founded in the UK in 1990. It was Europe's first entertainment and information channel for the South Asian community from the Indian subcontinent. TV Asia was conceptualised & founded by Wasim Mehmood and Mohan Thariyan. Once TV Asia secured its Channel status in the UK in 1992, it was sold to a partnership formed between the top Indian talent represented by Ajitabh Bachchan and the top Pakistani talent Tahir A Khan & Faisal Sherjan owners of Interflow Communications. After two succesful years the channel was sold at a profit to Dolphin Group owned by Ketan Somaiya. Dolphin Group hired Dr. John Tydeman (former VP Viacom Asia) to manage the channel worldwide. Dr Tydeman built further value in the channel and negotiated the deal for the channel to be sold to Subash Chandra's flagship Zee (India) and TV Asia was renamed as Zee TV (UK). After taking over, Zee TV got rid of most of the staff, however it retained some key members such as Nadeem Ansari as Head of Sales, Hanif Chippa as the Head of Production. They were both part of the launch team of TV Asia and had been brought in by the Pakistani owners of TV Asia. Zee TV then employed K Digvijay Singh as the CEO. Ajitabh Bachchan with his counterpart in the US then sold part of the brand to an American Company. In North America, TV Asia was also the first coast-to-coast entertainment and information channel for the South Asian community settled in the US. In spite of different ownership, currently TV Asia has retained the same logo and style of programming and airs regularly scheduled programmes in Hindi, English, Gujarati & other regional languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As South Asians choose to maintain a close interest with the affairs of their homeland, this channel is dedicated to bringing the South Asian-American community together by delivering a high quality channel both in content and on-screen presentation. The channel's appeal is based on its wide range of programming, ensuring the broadest possible audience. From news, local community news, and educational programs to dramas, music, movies, in-house programs and more, viewers and advertisers alike gain from TV Asia's unique blend of interesting, informative and entertaining programs.Current Chairman/CEO of TV Asia is H.R. Shah.

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