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About Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath

Male actor Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath from India, famous due to bollywood

Director and Producer


Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath, better known as Dwarakish (born August 19, 1942), is an actor, director and producer in the Kannada films. He was given the name Dwarakish by well known kannada film maker C.V. Shivashankar. As an actor, he was largely slotted as a comedian and some of his hit movies were comic action movies, pairing him with fellow actor Vishnuvardhan. He is popularly called kulla(meaning a short man)in kannada. He was the first producer to shoot a kannada film outside India. The film was Singapoorinalli Raja Kulla. It was a bench mark in the history of kannada cinema. He has totally produced 49 kannada films and acted in over 300 ilms. He has many firsts to his credit. He was the first producer to offer Rajanikanth an amount of 24 lakhs for a Tamil film in 1984. He has got a strong place in the heart of kannadigas for his comedy roles, which can be challenged only by himself. He has been instrumental in moulding the careers of great actors like vishnu vardhan, manjula, srinath and so on. He was the first kannada producer to bring Kishore kumar to the kannada film dom.He was the first man to bring sonu nigam to kannada for the film "Majnoo', starring his son giri dwarakish. The road to glory for dwarakish was not a bed of roses,instead a rough road as he had to cross the toughest waters to reach a safe land called glory. He is known as a Pheonix bird that takes birth again and again.With huge loses due to box office failures,Dwarakish was written off by his own men and the entire film industry he came like a darkest horse in the competition and gave a thunderous bang with the greatest block buster of all times in kannada: Apthamithra" (meaning close friend) starring vishnu, his old betenoire come well wisher and late soundarya, Ramesh arvind in the lead roles, that created records after records. Dwarakish is a man with a never say die attitude, who has an immense power to overcome the demonaic obstacles. He is truly an outstanding show man. He is a great actor, producer and director, who has lightened other lives by giving great opportunities to artists, who were in dire straits. It is a colorful, exquisite tribute to a man, who is truly an individual par excellence.

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