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About Dhamu and Charlie

Male actor Dhamu and Charlie from India, famous due to bollywood



Dhamu and Charlie Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Dhamu and Charlie are two popular comedians in Tamil Films who have sporadically appeared in over 35 films over the 90's.

'Dhamu' born 'Tamarai Bharani'- was a part of Gaana Galata Group- a popular touring and acting comedy troupe. He was first spotted by Assistant Director Sukumaran in 1991- and made his debut in Tamil Film Malar starring young actor Prashant-playing the role of the annoying and self proclaimed comical rowdy of the district. He got his major break as 'Jeans Sivam' in 1992's- En Thozi- starring Joseph Vijay. Since then he has appeared in several films in important roles such as Baasha, Parthen Rasithen, Kathalukku Mariyathai, Thullatha Manamum Thullum, Ullam Kollai Poguthey, Manathai Thirudi Vittai and Gilli. He has quit mainstream acting and has opened an agency to represent comedy shows known as- 'Tamarai Bharani Comedy Agency'. He is also hosting Kalakkal Comedy on Sun TV.

'Charlie' is often seen with Dhamu in several films. He is best known for his muffling up roles- such as a pickpocket in Parthen Rasithen, a dubious pharmacy seller in Ponmudan, a sleepwalker suspected of being a ghost in Kathalluku Mariyathai and as a fraudelent astrologer in Unnai Ninaithu. Charlie has acted in over 40 films as a comedian. He is currently having his own business and has more or less retired from acting. His latest appearance was in 2008's Vellithirai

Dhamu movies : - Nerruku Ner - GHilli - NIlavee Vaa - Time

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