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About K C Dey

Male actor K C Dey from India, famous due to bollywood

singer and music composer


K C Dey Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Krishna Chandra De (Bengali) (1893-1962) better known as K.C. Dey, was a Bengali actor, singer and music composer and teacher born in Calcutta (now Kolkata). He is probably more known for being Manna Dey's uncle and mentor. He was S.D. Burman's first musical teacher and mentor. He worked for New Theatres in Kolkata until 1940. He got blind as a result of looking at the sun while flying kites as a child. Dey sang and composed music for movies from 1932 till 1946. He did also act in movies in the same period. Dey used to travel from Calcutta to Bombay (Mumbai) to take part in movies. In 1942 he moved to Bombay. Dey quit movies in 1946 after both his music and singing started lacking his previous quality. Dey died as a bachelor in Kolkata in 1962.



1. Bhagaban Shrikrishna Chaitanya (1954)... aka Bhagaban Shrikrishna Chaitanya (India:
Hindi title)... aka Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (India: Hindi title)... aka Lord Chaitanya... aka
Lord Krishna Chaitanya
2. Pralhad (1952)
3. Anirban (1948)
4. Drishtidan (1948) ... aka Donating Eyes
5. Purabi (1948)
6. Insaan (1944) .... Blind singer
7. Chanakya (1939) .... Beggar
8. Sapera (1939)... aka The Snake-Charmer (India: English title)
9. Sapurey (1939) .... Ghantaburo ... aka The Snake-Charmer (India: English title)
10. Desher Mati (1938) .... Kunja... aka Mother Earth.. aka Motherland ... aka Soil of the
11. Dharti Mata (1938) .... Kunja
12. Bidyapati (1937) .... Madhusudan
13. Vidyapati (1937) .... Madhusudan
14. Devdas (1936)
15. Grihadah (1936)
16. Manzil (1936)... aka Destination (International: English title)... aka Grihadati (India:
Bengali title) ... aka The House on Fire
17. Maya (1936/I) ... aka Illusions (International: English title: informal literal title)
18. Maya (1936/II)
19. Pujarin (1936) .... Blind Beggar
20. Bhagya Chakra (1935) .... Surdas... aka Sun and Shade... aka Wheel of Fate
21. Devdas (1935)
22. Dhoop Chhaon (1935) .... Surdas
23. Inquilab (1935) .... Musafir... aka After the Earthquake
24. Shaher Ka Jadoo (1934) .... Baldev... aka Lure of the City (India: English title)
25. Nala Damayanti (1933)
26. Puran Bhagat (1933)... aka The Devoted (International: English title)
27. Sabitri (1933) .... Dyumatsen
28. Chandidas (1932) .... Sridam

Music Department:

1. Bhagaban Shrikrishna Chaitanya (1954) (playback singer)
2. Sapurey (1939) (playback singer)
3. Dharti Mata (1938) (playback singer)
4. Vidyapati (1937) (playback singer)
5. Bhagya Chakra (1935) (playback singer)
6. Devdas (1935) (playback singer)
7. Chandidas (1932) (playback singer)


1. Purabi (1948)
2. Shakuntala (1941)
3. Ambikapathy (1937)
4. Sonar Sansar (1936)
5. Sunehra Sansar (1936)
6. Shaher Ka Jadoo (1934)

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