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About Jahangir Khan

Male actor Jahangir Khan from Pakistan, famous due to film

Hero and supporting Actor


Jahangir Khan Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Jahangir Khan, know as Jehangir Jani, he is one of the popular Pollywood actor, Jehangir Khan started his career in Tv shows he was host of PTV Pashto Shows, and he got a small role in Pashto Tv serial Drama like Mim Zar Ma and Stere Mashe and after drama he went to Pollywood Pashto film industry. and there he got small role in Pollywood. And when big star like Badar Munir, Asif Khan, etc. become old then Jehangir Khan got role like a big Actor. in 2003 Arbaaz Khan joined Pollywood and he made many pashto film with Jehangir Khan. De Jehangir Khan aw de Arbaz Khan jora deera mashoora shwa laka de Badar Munir, Asif Khan, aw Naemat Sarhadi khunde, Jehangir Khan he play most villians role, Jehangir Khan has take Naemat Sarhadis place in Pollywood


Pekhawaray Mardanay
Nadarn Zargeye
Dakhan kheer Ghawarah
Meena Majboori Da
Tata Cha Wail Che main Sha
Lag Da Zra Na Tapos Oka
Swazam Peh Angar
Akhir Zre Day Kana
Ashqi Badablada
Sabar Sha Zargiya
Sa Be Yaad Satee
Pe Zor Peh Chagla Bozam
Dooddili Beminey
Azad Qaidi
Dasey Rata Meh Gora
Ghulami Na Manam
Yaar Baash
Dinya Me Sta Sanama
Zre Me Ta Waray Day
Sata Mohabat zama saza shwa

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