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About Pawan Kalyan

Male actor Pawan Kalyan from India, famous due to tollywood

Director and Actor


Pawan Kalyan Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Pawan Kalyan (Telugu: పవన్ కళ్యాణ్, born September 2, 1971) He is an indian actor and film director.He is fondly called 'Power Star' by his fans.His birth name is Konidala Kalyan.He starred in very few films and became one of the top celebrities in India,perhaps the most notable of these being the hugely successful of his five films( Suswagatham,Tholi Prema,Thammudu,Badri,Khushi).He is the younger brother of popular Telugu actor, Chiranjeevi and producer Naga Babu.

Early life

Pawan Kalyan is born in Mogalthur, Andhra Pradesh, India .Pawan Kalyan entered the Telugu movie industry with Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi as Kalyan Babu. This film did not do well at the box office. However, he was noticed for his Martial Arts. After his first movie, his second movie Gokulamlo Seetha was an average flick but his next movies like Suswagatham.

In 1998, Tholi Prema released. It initially started out low profile but the treatement and the storyline along with melodious and balanced music by Deva took the movie to great heights and so did the image of Pawan Kalyan. Tholi Prema is a milestone in Pawan Kalyan's career. It is the movie which made the audience recognize the talent him.

Thammudu, another blockbuster followed, This film is loosely based on the 1989 English movie Kickboxer (film).

Badri, directed by Poori Jagannath starring Pawan Kalyan, Amisha Patel and Renu Desai is carried to a success range solely by Pawan Kalyan. Kushi, released in 2001, created records. Kushi, his 7th movie, went on to get a gross of 20 crores.

After Kushi, Pawan Kalyan was in Japan for a brief period learing Aikido. That's for his debut directoral film Johnny (2003 film). The film had Renu Desai as lead actress. The film didnot do great at the boxoffice but the movie has touching moments and became a canvas of Pawan's directoral skills.He compensated the distributors'loss.

Gudumba Shankar released in 2004. This film has Pawan Kalyan written all over it.Stunts and songs are conceptualized by Pawan Kalyan. He also got the credits for screenplay. The film is a good family entertainer. However that was not what his fans were expecting. The film did average business at the boxoffice.

Later Vyjayanthi Films released Balu ABCDEFG in 2005. This film is directed by Karunakaran who directed Tholi Prema.

Bangaram-Although it opened with extraordinary collections grossing almost 10 crores opening week, the film came out to be a disappointment.

Annavaram (film) was released on December 29, 2006 by getting a good response and proved to be a big hit at box office.On Day 1, the film grossed 3.75 crores.The film grossed a share of 12.44 crores In its first week , 18 crores second week.After three weeks, the film grossed a share of 27 crores,which is making it the highest grossing film in Kalyan's career.

Jalsa The film released with 1000 prints and collected Rs 21crores in its opening week.The film's gross collection for the first 50 Days is Rs.42 Crores and collected 53 crores in its complete 100 days run with 25 centres. And recorded as the highest grosser of the tollywood till date.

Puli (film) is an upcoming 2009 Film which will be releasing on mid, 2009.

Superstardom and "Pawan -mania"

The move from "star" to "superstar" came when pawan kalyan played "balu"in the 1998 blockbuster Toliprema the highest critical aclaimed movie .It also received 6 nandi awards.Over the course of the next few years he would become a household name statewide,synonymous with labels such as "teenage heart-throb".In 1999 pawankalyan began a shift away to action and love involved movies and moved to engage himself by starring in three epic movies:Thammudu,Badri,Khushi.All three films were very well received by critics.

By 2002, Pawan Kalyan is shot to such a fame that Pepsi decided to pit him againt their arch rival coke, being promoted by his big brother, Chiranjeevi. Pawan Kalyan, in one of his interviews, commented that he is an artist and hence it's not him but his films that should do the talking. Pawan Kalyan also composed stunts for Chiranjeevi's Daddy.

Social Work

Pawan has started an organisation called Common Man Protection Force in October 2007. He has contributed 1 crore INR towards the corpus fund, CMPF aims to solve the social problems, help the neglected sections of the society. Its area of operations is in India. He intends to do it through organised militia, and seems to have got carried away with the ideals of Gudumba Shankar. CMPF targets child prostitution, Flourosis afflicted areas initially.

Kalyan has joined Prajarajyam, his brother Chiranjeevi's political party. Kalyan is the head of Yuvarajyam, the youth wing of Prajarajyam.

Personal life

He is the youngest brother of Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and actor/producer Nagendra Babu. Kalyan was first married to Nandini. The couple are now divorced and he is married to Renu Desai, his co-star in Badri and Johnny. The couple have a son named Akira Nandan, named after his favorite director Akira Kurosawa.


Year Film Role Other notes
2009 Puli (film) komaram puli Directed By S J Surya
2008 Jalsa Sanjay Sahu collected 55 crores in its complete 100 days run
2007 Shankar Dada ZNB Suresh Cameo appearance
2007 Annavaram Annavaram Film grossed 27crores in first three weeks
2006 Bangaram Bangaram Film grossed 10crores in its opening weekend
2005 Balu Balu, Ghani Above average
2004 Shankardada MBBS Cameo appearance
2004 Gudumba Shankar Gudumba Shankar, Kalyan-Ji Anand Ji screenplay,Stunts and songs are conceptualized by Pawan Kalyan
2003 Johnny (2003 film) Johnny Fight sequences and Cinematography are the key elements in the film
2001 Kushi (2001 film) Siddu - Siddharth Roy The film had a 175-day run
2000 Badri (2000 film) Badri The film grossed more than Rs.120 million
2000 Thammudu Subrahmanyam alias Subbu alias Subash A silver jubilee film
1998 Tholi Prema Balu Winner National Award Best Feature Film and run for more than 200 days
1997 Suswagatham Ganesh Hit
1997 Gokulamlo Seetha Pawan Average
1996 Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi Kalyan Dangerous stunts and martial arts in this movie was done by his own


Pawan Kalyan is a Vegetarian.
He has a Black Belt in Martial Arts and does his own stunts.
He compensated the distributors' loss for his film johnny.
pawan kalyan was the first south indian actor to endorse in pepsi ad campaign.
His wife Renu Desai is the costume designer for most of his films.
Tamil actors Vijay and Venkatesh are good friends of his and both expressed their interest to act in a film together.
Also Directors Trivikram And Puri Jagannath are good friends of Him.
An ardent admirer of Che guevara ,Jayaprakash Narayan and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Tamil and Telugu actress Trisha in an interview said that, she had a crush on Pawan Kalyan.
Many of the young actors and actresses in tollywood admire Pawan as an idol and icon.
His favourite past time is reading books and planting saplings.He has a farm house in the outskirts of hyderabad where he grows vegetables,fruits.
He is the most misunderstood man in the Telugu film industry, But there is no denying Kalyan's star power

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