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About Suresh Gopi

Male actor Suresh Gopi from India, famous due to tollywood

supporting Actor


Suresh Gopi Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Suresh Gopi (born June 25, 1959) is a National Film Award-winning Malayali Indian actor who is famous for his roles in police dramas, though lately he has been typecast with such cop roles. He is noted for his leading roles as much as he is for the character roles. He is also famous for his philanthropic efforts.

Early life

He did his schooling at Infant Jesus High School in Kollam. And graduated with a degree in English from Fathima Mata National College, Kollam.


Suresh Gopi first came on screen as a child artist in K. S. Sethumadhavan's Odeyil Ninnu (1965). It was a popular film during the 60s which had Sathyan in the lead role, along with Prem Nazir.

He came back into acting during the mid-80s in Sathyan Anthikkad's T.P. Balagopalan M.A. (1986), where he played a prospective groom in a small scene. He was noted and went on to play supporting and villain roles. Some interesting roles of his include Balan in Nandi Veendum Varika (1986), Vinod in January Oru Orma (1987), Shekaran Kutty in Irupatham Noottandu (1987), Suresh in Joshi's New Delhi (1987), Harry in Oru CBI Diary Kurippu (1988), Unni in Nineteen Twenty One (1988), and Aromal Chekavar in the critically and commercially successful Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989). Its interesting to note that he played a comic role of Inspector "Minnal" Prathapan in Manu Uncle (1988). He had the chance to play Dr. Narendran in Padmarajan's Innale (1989).

He played Sethumadhavan in Siddique-Lal's blockbuster In Harihar Nagar (1990). Another interesting role was of Christopher Luke in Viji Thampy's Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkam (1990). The film to probably get him noticed as a serious police officer was the satirical comedy Aanaval Mothiram (1990), he plays Sub-Inspector Nandakumar and co-stars with Sreenivasan.

The films that made Suresh Gopi a star over night were Thalastanam (1992), Ekalavyan (1993), and Commissioner (1994), all by Shaji Kailas. All of them were police dramas and mainly followed a similar theme. He is most popular for playing Bharathchandran I.P.S in Commissioner.

Suresh Gopi started his acting career in 1965 as a child artist in a malayalam film Odayil Ninnum which was a screen adaptation of the novel by the same name. He subsequently stopped acting and returned to Malayalam movies in the eighties. His first roles in the eighties were those of a supporting hero or the villain. His most notable works of this period include 'Irupatham Noottandu' (Twentieth Century), Rajavinte Makan ('The son of the King'), which are Superstar Mohanlal starrers, and Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, which was a Mammootty starrer.

His major break in a leading role came with "Thalasthanam" (The Capital) followed by Ekalavyan and Commissioner all of them Police dramas. He shot to superstardom with these movies and followed it up with roles in 'Pathram' (newspaper), 'Lelam' (Auction) and 'Vazhunnor' (The Rulers). His portrayal of the police commissioner 'Bharath Chandran IPS' in Commissioner (1994) shot him to stardom and is etched in Malayalam movie history as one of the most recognized roles. His famous monologue "Ormayundo ee mugkham?" ("Do you remember this face?") is synonymous with the role and has been subject to much imitation and parody. With the movie, he was established as the third superstar of Malayalam film industry after Mammootty and Mohanlal which he keeps till date. Also his association with Shaji Kailas and Ranji Panikkar was much acclaimed.

He is famous for his fervent delivery of English dialogues in the movies that he acts in.
He is an English graduate, which enables him do it with great ease.

He became noted and was glorified for playing larger than life roles that were anti-establishment and often were a dig at political and social corruption. In 1997 his acting prowess was proved as "Kannan Perumalayan" a role that he played in "Kaliyattam" (The play), a screen adaptation of Othello by William Shakespeare for which he got the National Award for best actor in the same year. Other noted hits were 'Pathram' (The Newspaper), Crime File, Kashmeeram, Janadhipathyam (Democracy),Sathyameva Jayathe, Thenkasipattanam, Highway, Summer in Bethlehem, Bharathchandran IPS, 'F.I.R' (First Information Report), Tiger and Chinthamani Kolacase.

After 2000, when his films were doing fairly good in box office, he decided against acting in movies including violence. It was rumored that he was giving up acting career and pursuing a political career. But he acted in off beat movies and accepted only soft roles in the period 2001-05. In 2005, realizing his mistake, he decided to make a come back in action movies. Ranji Panikkar, script writer of his most successful movie Commissioner directed the sequel Bharath Chandran IPS portraying him as the angry police commissioner. The movie was a super hit and was followed by a number of movies which he played the typical police officer and detective. While some of them like Tiger, Chinthamani Kolakkase and Naadiya Kollappetta Rathri all directed by Shaji Kailas were successful, a number of them Time, Detective, Aayudham, Thavalam , Rashtram , Pathaka,Bullet and Smart City were flops. He performed well in a very different role in Lanka which went unnoticed among the crowd of movies.

Before coming to Cinema field, he was English literature field and his favourite authors are Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, Camilla way, etc. He is famous for his philanthropic efforts. He has done many charity activities in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Gulf, etc. Once he gave up the chance of standing for the election with Congress Party. His charity activities are spearheaded by his fans club which has a strength of about 800 members. He frequently visits sree chitra poor home, Trivandrum and spends time with the hapless inmates.

In 2008, Suresh Gopi along with other super stars gave a stunning perfomance in Twenty 20 produced by AMMA. Again he acted with Mohanlal in PakalNakshathrangal, an off beat movie directed by Rajiv Nath, but rejected the role of Sekharan Kutty, the villain he played against Mohanlal in Irupathaam Noottandu, super hit of 1980s in the sequel Sagar Alias Jackey by director Amal Neerad.


During the election of 2001, there were lot of issues with the newly prepared electoral list from which many eligible people excluded. On the polling day, Suresh Gopi went to polling booth with his family and found that his mother in la's name is missing from the list. Agitated, he decided that he won't vote as a protest against mal practices in the preparation of electoral list.


National Film Award for Best Actor - Kaliyattam
Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor - Kaliyattam
In July, 2005, he was considered for the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of a mentally distressed person in Ullam and as a Doctor in Makalkku, but lost out to Mammootty.


Tolly 2 Holly Production 1 (2009) Filming
My Mother's Laptop (2008)
Twenty:20 (2008) Mega hit
Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri (2007) Sharafudeeen Tharamassi, Hit
Bharathan (2007)
Black Cat (2007) .... Black, Ramesh Sharma
Janmam (2007)
Time (2007)
Detective (2007) Shyam,Ananthan
Notebook (2006) .... Brigadier Alexander
Smart City (2006) Madhavan
Bada Dosth (2006).... Daya Shankar
Pathaaka (2006) George Tharyan
Rashtram (2006) Maliekkal Thommichan
Chinthamani Kolacase (2006) .... Lal Krishna Viradiyar, Super hit
The Tiger (2005) .... Chandrasekharan IPS, Super hit
Bharatchandran IPS (2005) .... Bharatchandran IPS, Super hit
Makalkku (2005) .... Warrier
Sasneham Sumithra (2004) .... Balachandran
Agninakshathram (2004) .... Thalakkulathu Thampi
Swapnam Kondu Thulabharam (2003) .... Vishnu (2002)
Nariman (2001) .... Asok Nariman
Sundarapurushan (2001) .... Suryanarayanan
Meghasandesham (2001) .... Balagopal
Deena (2001) .... Adikesavan
Randam Bhavam (2001).... Navaneet Krishnan, Anantha Krishnan
Saivar Thirumeni (2001) .... Devadathan Nampoothirippadu
Thenkasipattanam (2000) .... Kannan, Super hit
Cover Story (2000) .... Vijay
Mark Antony (2000)
Millennium Stars (2000) ... Karanan
Pilots (2000) .... Bobby Nair
Satyameva Jayathe (2000) Chandrachoodan, hit
Crime File (1999) .... Idamattom Palackal Easo Panikkar, Hit
F.I.R (1999) Muhammad Sarkar, HIt
Pathram (1999) .... Nandagopal, Hit
Varnatheru (1999)
Vazhunnor (1999).... Kuttapai, hit
Kallu Kondoru Pennu (1998)
Pranaya Varnangal (1998) , hit
Rektha Sakshikal Zindabad (1998) Urumees, Hit
Summer in Bethlahem (1998) .... Dennis, SUper hit
Thalolam (1998)
Thirakalkkappuram (1998)
Kaliyattam (1997) .... Kannan Perumalayan/Othello ... aka Play of the God, National award for best actor
Anubhoothi (1997)
Bharatheeyam (1997)
Bhoopathi (1997) .... Hariprasad
Gangothri (1997)
Guru (1997) .... King, Hit
Janathipathyam (1997) .... R.D. Nayanar
Kulam (1997)
Lelam (1997) .... Anakkattil Chackochy (Jacob Stephen), SUper hit
Masmaram (1997)
Suvarna Simhaasanam (1997)
Mahatma (1996) Devadevan
Rajaputhran (1996).... Anand
The King (1995) ....Guest Role
Aksharam (1995) .... Ananthakrishnan
Karma (1995) Achuthan
Radholsavam (1995)
Sadaram (1995) .... Raghunandana Menon
Sakshyam (1995)
Sindoora Rekha (1995)
Thakshasila (1995) Gautham Krishna
Chukkan (1994) .... Gaurishankar
The City (1994/I) .... Ravi
Commissioner (1994) .... Bharathchandran I.P.S, SUper hit
Kashmeeram (1994) .... Shyam
Manathe Kottaram (1994) Satheesh Nair
Rudraksham (1994) Viswanadhan
Dhruvam (1993) .... Jose Nariman
Aacharyan (1993)
City Police (1993)
Yaadhavam (1993) Vishnu
Ethu Manju Kaalam (1993)
Injakkadan Mathai & Sons (1993) Thankachan
Mafia (1993) Ravisankar
Manichithrathazhu (1993) .... Nakulan, Super hit
Paithrukam (1993)
Ponnu Chami (1993)
Samooham (1993)
Ekalavyan (1993) Madhavan ,SUper hit, became 3rd SUper star
Pappayude Swantham Appoos (1992) Dr Gopan Mega Hit
Adharam (1992) .... Vasu Hit
Aham (1992) Hit
Daddy (1992) Antony Flop
Ente Ponnu Thampuran (1992) Flop
Nadodi (1992) .... Sivan Super Hit
Nakshthrakoodaram (1992) Hit
Ponnurukkum Pakshi (1992) Hit
Simhadhwani (1992) Flop
Thalastaanam (1992) Harikrishnan Super Hit
Utsava Melam (1992) Hit
Chakravarthy (1991) Flop
Ente Sooryaputhrikku (1991) .... Dr. Srinivas Super Hit
Kadalora Kattu (1991) Hit
Kuttapathram (1991) .... Alex Hit
Parallel College (1991) .... Ananthan Hit
Ee Thanutha Veluppan Kalathu (1990) Kristi Hit
Midhya (1990) .... K. P. Rajagopal Flop
Aanaval Mothiram (1990) .... Nandakumar Super Hit
Arhatha (1990) Flop
In Harihar Nagar (1990) .... Sethumadhavan Mega Hit
Kouthuka Varthakal (1990) .... Ravi Hit
Minda Poochakku Kalyanam (1990) Hit
Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkam (1990) Kristapher Luke Hit
Orukkam (1990) .... Sethumadhava Kurup Hit
Rajavazhcha (1990) .... Govindankutty Hit
Saandhram (1990) .... Sreeraman Flop
Thoovalsparsham(1990) .... Ananda Padmanabhan Hit
Varthamana Kalam (1990) .... Balagopalan Hit
Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha (1989) .... Aromal Chekavar Super Hit
Akshrathettu (1989) AVG
Douthyam (1989) .... Capt. Suresh G. Nair Super Hit
Innale (1989) .... Dr. Narendran Super Hit
Kaalal Pada (1989) Hit
News (1989) .... Rishi Menon AVG
Vachanam (1989) AVG
Varnam (1989) .... Manu Vishwanath Flop
Nineteen Twenty One (1988) .... Unni… ... aka Ayarthi Thollayirathi Irupathonnu (India: Malayalam title) Super Hit
Oru CBI Diary Kurippu (1988) .... Harry Mega Hit
Antima Theerpu (1988)
Dhwani (1988) Super Hit
Manu Uncle (1988) .... Police Chief Super Hit
Moonnam Mura (1988) .... Vaisakhan Super Hit
Witness (1988) .... Alex Williams Flop
New Delhi (1987) .... Suresh Mega Hit
Sreedharante Onnam Thirumurivu (1987) .... Vinayachandran Hit
Irupatham Noottandu (1987).... Shekaran Kutty Mega Hit
P.C. 369 (1987) .... Gopikuttan
Vazhiyorakkazhchakal (1987) .... Ashok Mega Hit
Nandi Veendum Varika (1986) .... Balan Hit
Manasilloru Manimuthu (1986)
Onnumuthal Poojyam Vare (1986) Super Hit
Rajavinte Makan (1986) -Mega Hit
T.P. Balagopalan M.A. (1986) .... Prospective Mega hit
Odeyil Ninnu (1965) .....Young Pappu

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