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About Khalifa Nazir

Male comedian Khalifa Nazir from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Comedian, Hero, Producer


Khalifa Nazir Actor Pictures Interview Biography

First film: Khoon ki pyas (Urdu - 1963)
Last film: Be-taab (1991)
Khalifa Nazir had a very natural style to create comedy. He appeared in approximately 150 films - mostly in Punjabi films as villain comedian. He always played as a member of the villain party and had a tussle with hero comedians mostly with Munawar Zarif or Rangeela for Razia or Shahida and it was a great entertainment for film fans. Jagg Beeti, Roti, Mukhra Chann Warga, Jind Jan, Dia aur Toofan, Zamindar, Anwara, Asghara, Puttar da pyar and Maa Puttar were some of his famous films in these kind roles. He also tried to become hero in film Mastana (1973) and wished as the lyric of this song, which was picturized on him koi filmon ka hero bana de, to phir mera kaam dekhna.... Unfortunately, no body asked him to do it. In the 80s he was seen in few Nanha-Ali Ejaz films, Bau Jee was a famous film.
Khalifa Nazir died on April 26, 2005 at the age of 61. He represented Pakistan film industry in many meetings with ministers. He was brother of producer and director Khalifa Saeed Ahmad, who became famous from a super hit film Anwara.

Comedian Khalifa Nazir Photos

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