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About Amber Khan

Female host Amber Khan from Pakistan, famous due to tv

Host & Model


Amber Khan Host Pictures Interview Biography

Amber Khan's claim to fame is the various talk shows she has hosted to date along with appearing in quite a few commercials. It hasn't been long since she stepped into showbiz and is definitely not one of those faces who are spotted in a huge crowd. At present, Amber has been working in Australia at her own pace besides successfully managing business with her hubby.

It all started when Telebiz wanted her to audition as an anchorperson for their daily Business news programme 'Market Today', and selected her. "The programme's director Sharay Zareef did mock runs with me for a week before we went on air. It was a daily show and we recorded for it everyday. It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot during that time and ended up making some lovely friends there. Later on, I moved on to 'Tijariti Khabrein' with Telebiz. I worked with them for about a year and a half and loved every minute of it."

When inquired what was it that lured her into this field, Amber says, "I didn't really analyse too much before getting in. It seemed exciting and adventurous and I decided to give it a shot. Once I got into it, I realised that I had thoroughly started enjoying what I was doing." That's why no matter how busy she is with her other commitment she makes time for some TV show or the other.

There's more to Amber than just being a pretty face. "I have a biomedical engineering degree and I was working with Siemens in their Medical Engineering department as an Executive Engineer. Later on, I moved to a public relations company and eventually started my own PR and event management firm in partnership with my husband nearly six years back. TV and modeling is a hobby for me but I take it very seriously and am very professional about my work. However, I never see myself giving up public relations to get in this field full time. Then again I don't intend giving up TV either as I enjoy it tremendously."

Being committed to her PR work, Amber has been very selective about the assignments she has undertaken. "I might seriously get into doing fashion shoots but not ramp modeling as that would be too time consuming. I have never had a strategy to push myself forward, I take on the projects, which excite me and don't affect my PR work commitments."

The fact that people have now accepted modeling a somewhat respectable profession is what made the decision easy for Amber. "I think today there is a very positive environment for girls venturing into this field. Our society has become very open-minded and people have realised that you've got to have potential and be talented to be able to get in and they respect that.

I don't think there's any stigma attached to this field any more. We have got very talented young girls from good families getting into TV and modeling fully backed and encouraged by their parents. This so-called stigma is a thing of the past."

Amber's family was pretty cool about her opting for showbiz and was not opposed to the idea in the least. "They were very supportive and encouraged me, other than my brother and sister who tease me mercilessly and criticise my work to no end, but it's all in good fun."

As for her hubby, Imran, he too is at ease with his wife's line of work. It is infact Amber's in-laws who love her profession and get very excited for her. "That really spurs me on."

And get this it's not just the wife who has dabbled in the field of performing arts, but also her better half has also had a taste of it. "Imran and I have had a chance of hosting a cookery show together 'Tuck a truck'. It was a very interesting programme as we went all over Pakistan and cooked various specialties of different areas. We had a lovely team working on this project and loved traveling around. It was great fun." This show is also one of Amber's most cherished television experiences so far. She further adds, "As Imran used to have a restaurant 'Coconut Grove', he gets a lot of offers from different channels to host cookery programmes for them but as he is mostly busy with our PR & event management firm he doesn't get a chance to do a whole lot but definitely encourages me."

Amber is quite content with the response she received from her showbiz clan, namely the other female artists and models. Not in a mood to let on more than she wants to she simply says that they were all very supportive and helpful and "it's a very healthy and encouraging environment."

The fact that Amber was one of the hosts for the 2001 & 2002 PTV Awards held in Lahore and Karachi is something she will always remember. "I felt it was a great achievement for me so early in my career to be asked to be there among others who have been in the field for a number of years."

On being there in the midst of such a huge gathering she says that, "It was a very interesting and educating experience." On her future plans, she quickly states that she would continue doing projects that excite and inspire her during visits to her home country. Amber is at present happily settled in Australia, but keeps visiting Pakistan. Let's hope Amber finds the inspiration she's been searching for.

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