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About Madhu Sapre

Female model Madhu Sapre from India, famous due to bollywood

Film "Boom"


Madhu Sapre Model Pictures, Interview, Biography

Madhu Sapre (Marathi: मधु सप्रे, born July 14, 1971) is an Indian model from Maharashtra.

Early life

Sapre was born in Nagpur, into a Maharashtrian family which moved to Mumbai after her birth. She is from the Andheri suburb of Mumbai.


Sapre represented India at the 1992 Miss Universe pageant, where she was the 2nd runner up.

In the book "Pride of India" depicting India's supreme queens, Madhu says "All the officials had told us that our answers had to be truthful," she says, "and coming from the heart. Nobody told us we had to be politically correct. I said what my heart told me and I lost. According to me India has been in poverty for many years, so it was not going to suddenly change in one year by my becoming the prime minister. But there are other areas like art and sports in which we can improve. And being a sportsgirl I had suffered because we don't have the equipment and the grounds in India. In the brief time you get to answer I wanted to say all this but perhaps because of my inadequacy in English, I could not express myself."

Personal life

Sapre lives in Italy with her husband Gian Maria and shuttles between India and Italy. She was briefly enaged to Milind Soman.

Model Madhu Sapre Photos

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