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About Aaminah Haq

Female model Aaminah Haq from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

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Aaminah Haq Model Pictures, Interview, Biography

Aaminah Haq (Urdu: ﺁﻣﻨﮫ ﺣﻖ, also variously spelled Aamina Haq and Amna Haq) is a Pakistani model and actress more famous as a Lux model and for her role in the television drama Mehndi.

Early life

Haq was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 4 November 1972. She is the daughter of former Chief Minister and Governor of Punjab, Mustafa Khar and his fifth wife, Shezade Nilofar Haq. She is an only child.



Over the years, Haq has acted in a number of Urdu dramas. Her serials such as Chaandni Raatain and Ghulam Gardish have been well received.[citation needed]

Haq's magnum opus in drama is considered to be Mehndi: The Color of Emotions. The drama became popular not only for its storyline, but also for the acting by various actors. Haq's acting, in particular, won praise from critics. She also won the Lux Style Awards for the best actress for her drama Mehndi beating veterans like Bushra Ansari and Sania Saeed[vague]

As a model

She is a professional model who has worked with many designers in Pakistan.[vague] Haq has modelled for a large number of magazines, including She, Libas, Visage, Women's Own, Fashion Collection and Newsline. Also she won the Lux Style Awards for the best model.

She also hosted three seasons of Lux Style ki Duniya, and hosted a chat show for Aag TV, called the Aaminah Haq Show.[when?]

As a writer

Haq wrote a column, "GirlFriday" for several years, followed by a string of articles for several publications.[vague] In 2009, she joined the Buksh Group as the Editor-in-Chief for their in-house publication to be released later this year.[when?]

Personal life

In mid-2008, the actress-model became engaged to Ammar Belal, a model and fashion designer; the two had been good friends for quite a while by then.[1] The couple got married in 2009.[2]

Television serials

* Aina
* Chaandni Raatain
* Chupke Chupke
* Doorian
* Jaye Kahan Yeh Dil
* Mehndi
* Nigah
* Ghulam Gardish
* Aap Jaisa Koi

Music videos

* Fraudiye
* Ankhoon Ko Ankhoon Ne
* Channa Ve Channa
* Mahive
* Dekha
* Cho Ke Dekho
* Bohut Gerem
* Chal Bulliye

Model Aaminah Haq Photos

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