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About Ayesha Omar

Female model Ayesha Omar from Pakistan, famous due to film

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Ayesha Omar Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Ayesha Omar (born October 12, 1981) is a Pakistani painter by profession, occasionally indulging in acting, modeling and other performing arts like singing. Over a period of just a few years Ayesha is regarded as one of the most well-known television personalities in Pakistan.


Born on October 12, 1981, Ayesha graduated from the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan where she mastered the art of painting fine art. Brought up by her mother, a single parent, she would always attribute this fact with her headstrong behavior. She was always fond of performing arts and secretly had shared with friends her desire to sing which none took seriously until she decided she needs to take her career into the popular music culture of Pakistan. With her hopes high and luck stringing low, she took her lessons in classical singing to a test. She started performing with underground rock bands including Mind Riot and The Cell, and with the NCA music society later in her life. She acquired fame with two of her hit singles, Aao and Koi To Ho.

Since her early days at school, Ayesha had been keen in theater and charity work. She was a president at her arts school and managed theater productions along with doing costumes and conceptual creative work. She would dedicate her summers at the Rising Sun School for special children. At the tender age of eight, she started hosting a show with Muneeza Hashmi called Meray Bachpan Kay Din in which she would interview celebrities about their early days.

However, it was her break in the light teen comedy College Jeans that prompted her career in television. The show was directed by another NCA graduate Jawad Bashir and cast her alongside Ali Zafar and other prominent TV personalities. Soon after she was invited to host a show called Rhythm for Prime TV where she interviewed musicians from all over Pakistan including veterans like Arif Lohar and Shazia Manzoor.

She would even act with Nautanki, NCAís drama group, even before she joined the college whence she gathered that a formal training is required. The National College of Arts (NCA) provided her every other reason to indulge into any prospect of performing arts. From modeling in all of the 18 fashion shows held at the institution during her tenure there. to performing in seven plays with Lahoreís amateur theater groups, she groped for every other opportunity that came her way.


In 2003, a set of paintings that Ayesha created for her final NCA thesis generated excitement and controversy were exhibited. The controversies surrounded her submission of two semi-nude self portraits, also a part of the exhibition. Asked, Ayesha would say that the Pakistani society has forgotten the integral preciousness of life and quoted that ďthe human body is the purest of all natural forms, itís chaste, itís innocent, but you have to see beyond the apparent to perceive the metaphysical.

Ayesha has often been accused by directors of throwing tantrums on the sets of drama serials, which she denies when asked but does accept that she will not put up with unprofessionalism and lack of respect on the set. Recently pictures of her and Maria Wasti were stolen and leaked on the Internet showing them relaxing on beaches in Thailand, wearing revealing bathing suits. Some people read a lesbian subtext into images showing the two women with their arms around each other's waists, and many criticized Ayesha for perceived immodesty.


Track Album Year
Aao Single 2002
Koi To Ho Koi To Ho (OST) 2004

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