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About Tooba Siddiqui

Female model Tooba Siddiqui from Pakistan, famous due to film

model and actress


Tooba Siddiqui Actress Picture Interview Biography

Tooba Siddiqui (Urdu: طوبی صدیقی) is a Pakistani model who makes her celluloid debut with Saqib Malik's Ajnabee Shehr Mein.

Tooba started her career from a charity show and soon afterwards she did her first photoshoot with Ather Shahzad. She started modeling for the Pakistani fashion industry towards the beginning of 2000 (the exact year in which she started is a mystery ). Since the start of her career she has appeared on numerous Pakistani fashion magazines and has done photoshoots for several agencies. The notable shoots include those of Deevees and Diva.

Model Tooba Siddiqui Photos

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