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About Aamir Saleem

Male singer Aamir Saleem from Pakistan, famous due to tv

First Solo Album "Musafir"


Aamir Saleem Singer Pictures Interview Biography

Aamir Saleem (Urdu: عامر سلیم) born Muhammad Aamir Saleem (Multan on 20 February) is a Pakistani singer, producer and a TV host. He has numerous hits in the early 1990s such as "Woh Taron Bhhari", "C.B. Chali Ana" and "Ajnabi". His sixth album, Dil Da Quater, features mostly Punjabi songs.

He has also directed videos and road shows with anchor Ali Salman on MTV Pakistan under the name Bad Company. He also hosts a live show on PTV National. In 2008 he was among three winners of a listener voted disc jockey hunt competition, landing a job with Voice FM 104.2.


Aamir Saleem started singing when he was in school and he bought his first guittar after working in a hotel as a receptionist in summer holidays. He formed his first music band with the name "Image",his best friend naveed mugees was on guittar and alim arshid was on keyboard.After that he moved to Karachi in 1987. He used to sing with different bands to make money and record his first solo album that took three years to complete.

His first solo album, Musafi, was a hit in 1991 as was his song "Woh Taron Bhari".


* Musafir - 1991
* Ajnabi - 1993
* Humsafar - 1995
* Mohabbat - 1997
* Khwaab - 2001
* Dil Da Quater - 2006

Singer Aamir Saleem Photos

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