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About Alam Lohar

Male singer Alam Lohar from Pakistan, famous due to film

Punjabi Song "Jugni"


Alam Lohar Singer Pictures Interview Biography

Muhammad Alam Lohar (Urdu: محمد عالم لوہار) was a prominent Punjabi folk music singer of Pakistan.He died in 1979 in an accident. He is also credited with popularizing the term and song Jugni.

Early life

Alam Lohar was born in the small village Achh in Gujrat District, in Punjab, British India into a family of blacksmiths. He was gifted with a melodious voice and began singing as a child.


Alam Lohar developed a new style of singing the Punjabi Vaar, an epic or folk tale. He is famous for his rendition of Waris Shah’s Heer, which he has memorized in 36 styles and forms. He recorded his first album at the age of 13 and has outsold all other singers in Pakistan (Verified in records kept with HMV Pakistan 1979)

In his childhood he used to read sufiana kalaams, Punjabi stories and participate as a young child in local elderly gatherings expressing a vocal only art form in reading passages of great poets. From many of the gatherings out of the rural background rose a great singer that could influence his audience with elements of joy peace, happiness and sadness. Further on: he started going to festivals and gatherings on a regular basis and within these performances he rose to become one of the most listened to singers in South Asia. In the 1970s it was the Queen's Jubilee event in the UK and there was a singing competition between all Commonwealth Countries and after all performances: Alam Lohar won the award as the best performance and was handed a gold medal for his unique and God given voice.

Throughout the period of 1930's and until his passing away in 1979 he has dominated Folk singing in Pakistan and been a major singer in Punjabi and Sufi singing throughout the entire World. In many rural villages the local traditional people have called him 'Sher-e-Punjab' or 'Heerah' meaning diamond.

Alongside his God given voice and singing in difficult high and low pitches he had a unique style of singing with his Chimta. Now the Chimta has been around for centuries as it was a tool used in gathering livestock in rural settings or used as a aid in other activities, but Alam Lohar has the unique credit that he single handedly popularised this instrument globally and modified its use and changed its outlook.

Other than being a famous singer, Alam lohar was also a great poet writing his own songs and kalaams and also had another quality that he used old books of Sufi saints and stories and brought them in a song format: which gave his songs overwhelming great lyrical content which could make people cry and express joy at the same time. The word "Jugni" was his creation(the word Jugni is also attributed to some runaway poet- singer duo name unknown, who followed the Jubilee flame in the British raj -and sang satires showing pitiable condition and sufferings of common Indians outside programme grounds, drawing huge crowds and later captured and killed by brits the incident times back to twenties in 20th century when Silver jubilee of the then btitish kings ascention of throne was being celebrated in all cities arount British India - Jubilee parks in many cities of India & Pakistan are proof) and he created this term from reading many Sufi writings and represented this word as a spiritual feeling of ones experience of the world. Furthermore he was the pioneer of introducing the writings of Saif Ul Mulook and Mirza Shabaan in a song format.

Alam Lohar had another quality that he had overwhelming singing stamina - he was renowned to sing all night and sometimes without the music technology we have with PA systems now-nevertheless his strong voice could be heard in large gatherings. In rural punjab he used to sing from village to village and without any modern music technology: his voice reflected with the background of the natural echo caused by the stillness of the night.

In essence, later on Alam Lohar organised a full-fledged theatre with a complete orchestra. His troupe toured all over Punjab for religious and seasonal festivals and was one of the first Pakistani as well as South Asian singers to sing internationally in almost all countries that had people from the South Asian region.

Alam Lohar died in an accident near Sham ki Bhaitiyan on July 3, 1979. He was laid to rest in Lala Musa, Punjab, Pakistan. He was given the Pride of Performance award in 1979 by General Zia Ul Haq in Islamabad and has received numerous awards within his lifetime. He is a pioneer in cultural and Folk styled singing and has in his own right become a folk story. He set a bench mark and many Punjabi and other folk singers have greatly been influenced. Therefore he has left a great legacy of a unique style of singing which is still followed in Pakistan by Punjabi as well as other folk singers. One of the greatest singers of all time: he is seen and remembered through his son Arif Lohar who has continued in the same tradition.

May he rest in Peace - & May God grant him Peace -


His famous songs are;

* Dharti Panj Daryavan Di
* Dil wala dukhra nahin kisse noon sunayee da
* Saiful Malook
* Qissa Hazrat Yousaf
* Mar ke modha hauly jaye sorry akh gaye
* Bol mitti diya bawiya
* Jugni
* Mirza
* Qissa Karbala
* Kalam baba Bulle shah
* Sohni Mahiwal
* Sassi ~Pannu
* Wajan mariayan bullayah
* England di Jugni
* Maa da Pyar (maa da qissa)
* Assan hun Tur Jaa naa
* Layee beqadran naal yaarey
* Qissa Hirni
* Qissa Puran Bhagat
* Rahee Khushay daa malka
* Me neel kariyan neelka
* 36 style formats of Heer Ranjha
* Kohee tu paneey motiyar nee
* Gabrro jat punjab daa
* Allah hoo haq Allah hoo
* Mohammed miah kee tarifan sunavaa
* Ghamaa vich jind mukh gaye
* Sutee rahgee nee maa patt dee phulegey
* kee dassa me kaun teh kidhroo sharher terey vich ayyah
* Jis din merah viah hohay gaa
* mee tee viah kar ke pachtayah
* mee vakh daa hee rehgeyah me vakh daa hee rehgayaa
* many versions of Dullah Bhatti
* too merey mohabbatein daa bootah putt gaye
* Thousands to name-is a true Folk Singer and a bench mark for Punjabi Folk Singing and Modern day Bhangra.

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