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About Akhlaq Ahmed

Male singer Akhlaq Ahmed from Pakistan, famous due to tv


Akhlaq Ahmed Singer Pictures Interview Biography

Akhlaq Ahmed (May 8, 1946 - August 4, 1999) was a Pakistani playback singer. He was a member of a famous singing group with two other artists, singer Masood Rana and actor Nadeem. Akhlaq debuted as a singer in the 1973 film, Pazaib.[1] He was unable to get a dominant place in film industry because when he started his singing career, at that time famous singer Ahmed Rushdi was ruling the film music. Even then he remained a successful singer in late 1970s and 1980s.


He was born in Delhi in 1946 and started as a stage singer in the 1960s in Karachi, when he was a member of a famous singing group with two other legendary artists Masood Rana and Nadeem. Akhlaq Ahmad was the third generation of top male playback singers in Pakistan film industry. He struggled many years but shined in the 1970s as playback singer. Sona na Chandi na koi Mehal in film Bandish (1980) and Sawan Aye Sawan jaye in Chahat (1974) are his most super hit songs. His song tally is under hundred songs. Famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam sang many songs of Akhlaq Ahmed as Sonu's voice closely resembles with Akhlaq's and released these songs in late 1990s.


He suffered with a deadly disease of blood cancer and died on August 4, 1999 at London. His last film as a singer was Nikah (1998). According to the figures, Akhlaq Ahmad sang 117 songs in 86 films from 1973-1998. He had only one song in a single Punjabi film.

May 8, 1946(1946-05-08)
Delhi, British India

August 4, 1999(1999-08-04) (aged 53)
London, United Kingdom

Ghazal, Playback singing



Years active

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