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About Antara Chowdhury

Female singer Antara Chowdhury from India, famous due to dollywood

Classical Singer


Antara Chowdhury Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Antara Chowdhury is a singer and composer Bengali songs. She is a daughter of renowned composer and lyricist Salil Chowdhury and Sabita Chowdhury .Antara started her singing career at the early age of seven. She studied at the Bengal Music College, a music training college affiliated with the prestigious University of Calcutta She has numerous children's and contemporary hits to her credit in many Indian language like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil & Malayalam.


* Bengali Nursery Songs
* Surjer Khonje
* Generations: Esho Boshona
* Miti Miti Tarara
* Esho Boshona
* Chale Ayona / So Far Away
* Kyon Beheke Hain / Stranger - Hindi Single

Singer Antara Chowdhury Photos

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