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About Jasbir Jassi

Male singer Jasbir Jassi from India, famous due to bollywood

Punjabi Bhangra Singer


Jasbir Jassi Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Jasbir Jassi (born February 7, 1970 in Dalla Mirjanpur Village, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India) is a Bhangra singer. As of 2010[update] he has released eight albums, his first pop album being Dil Le Gayee, released in 1998.


As a child, young Jassi played the harmonium and was a trained in classical musician under V.S. Jolly and Puran Shah Koti of the Sufiana fame. He holds a Masters degree in classical vocal music from Apeejay College of Fine Arts.

Musical career

Jassi's musical career started about 15 years ago[when?] by recording for Punjabi films including Passport and Zakhmi.[citation needed] He also sang for remix albums such as Balle Balbiro Balle.

His first album release was the 1993 low-profile Channa Ve Teri Channani.

He has performed more than 5000 shows over 70 countries across the world and record breaking performances for corporate giants, concerts, public and private performances.

Jassi - Back with a Bang is his latest album, featuring the songs "Mehndi" and title song "Bang". It was released on 16 July 2010 worldwide.


The latest soundtrack in which Jassi performed is Patiala House (2011), in which he performed " Laungda Lashkara" with Mahalakshmi Iyer and Hard Kaur. Other soundtrack in which he performed include Dobara (2004) in which he performed "Pyar Mere",[1] Hope and a Little Sugar (2008) in which he performed "Mahiya" and Mel Karade Rabba (2010) in which he performed the titular song.


According to Jassi's official website, he released eight albums:

* Channa Ve Teri Channani, 1993
* Dil Le Gayee, 1998
* Kudi Kudi, 1999
* Nishani Pyar Di, 2001
* Just Jassi, 2003
* Mukhda Chann Varga, 2004
* Akh Mastani, 2007
* Jassi - Back with a Bang, 2010

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