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About Jassi Sidhu

Male singer Jassi Sidhu from India, famous due to bollywood

Punjabi Bhangra Singer


Jassi Sidhu Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Jassi Sidhu (b.1978, Birmingham, West Midlands, England) is a Bhangra singer and the former lead singer of British Asian bhangra band B21. He split from the group, declaring that they would "never, ever reconcile" and that "(B21 was) nothing more than a glorified mime act", quoting differences between himself and Bally Jagpal.

He has released three solo albums to date. Reality check in 2003, No Strings Attached in 2005, and The New Adventures of Jassi Sidhu in 2008.

Sidhu was born and raised in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, and now has a blossoming solo career, having toured many countries since going solo from the US to the Far East. He is an avid Liverpool Fc fan.

Since departing from B21, Jassi Sidhu has released 4 solo albums and one greatest hits album. His debut album titled Reality Check was released in 2003, and contained 10 brand new songs. This release landed him a place in India, it was the first step for him to cement his name as a solo act. The album contained 7 songs and 3 remixes. Some would argue that it has the "b21" sound left over as he had used the left over beats.

His second album called No Strings Attached was released in 2005, and also contained 10 brand new songs. This time round Jassi Sidhu thought out of the box and created a rock ballet type of song called honkeh. The album was fairly successful and it did help him get more people to take him seriously as a solo artist, however it was not as good as his original debut.

The Greatest Hits album was filled with 8 songs. Jassi Sidhu had redone three of the songs, Chandigarh, Din raat and Bhabi e.g. changing the music etc. the other 5 songs had the same music but saw Jassi Sidhu resinging them.

Jassi Sidhus latest offering was called "Ke Kehne" and was released in 2008. This album has 10 new songs and 2 remixes. This time, we see Jassi team up with Mr "MBE" Malkit Singh, the guy who has had lots of hits in the past. Jassi Sidhu also teams up with producer and friend Rishi Rich, as well as the man behind the smash hit Tharti Hilde and Sher Punjabi Mr Aman Hayer.

In April 2009, Jassi Sidhu released, Jassi What Happened?, an album comprising all his hits in live version recorded in the studio. It also came with a bonus DVD.

Singing Between The Lines was released for Digital Download on iTunes on the 18th May 2011 and the CD released a week later. Singing Between The Lines contains 12 mind blowing tracks from the well known Bhangra artist.

He appeared on the Bhangra Breakdown show in May 2011 on the BBC Asian Network and publicly declared that this would be his last ever album although he did not rule out singing occasional songs on other artists album. The reason he gave was that he wanted to quite the Bhangra industry after 20 years (which is how long he would have spent in 3 years time) and try something new. Time will tell if this happens...

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