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About Sona Mohapatra

Female singer Sona Mohapatra from India, famous due to bollywood

Playback Singer


Sona Mohapatra Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Sona Mohapatra is an Indian singer and lyricist. Well known in her native India, she has performed in concerts across the world and has been featured in albums, singles, concert webcasts, music videos, Bollywood films and advertisements. In addition to her own material, Mohapatra has recorded remixes of songs by David Bowie, with "Let's Dance", and INXS, with "Afterglow", with the latter proving particularly successful.


In 2007, Mohapatra released her debut album, Sona, on Sony Records, which sought to explore the diverse styles of rock, rhythm and blues, Flamenco, Hindustani, Baul and Romani music. In 2009, she released the single Diljale. She recently sung a song 'Bedardi Raja' in the movie Delhi Belly for Aamir Khan Production's and did a cameo in it.

Singer Sona Mohapatra Photos

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