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About Yasir Akhtar

Male singer Yasir Akhtar from Pakistan, famous due to tv

pakistani Singer


Yasir Akhtar Singer Pictures Interview Biography

The story of Yasir Akhter's accomplishments began when, at the age of four, he appeared as a child star in Jayed Jabbar's motion picture, 'Beyond the last mountain'. He also acted as a child model in various TV commercials and later joined college stage in his early youth. At the age of sixteen he did a TV serial by Shehzad Khalil called 'Dastak' and hence began his actual showbiz career. During that period he also formed a musical band along with his college mates and named it Arid Zone. Meanwhile Sahira Kazmi spotted the talented artist in him and gave him a substantial character in her serial, 'Tapish'. When Arid Zone started gaining popularity, Yasir decided to launch their first audio album which acquired immense popularity among the masses and some of his songs including 'Laut aao na, Kabhi to hoga mera milan' and 'Tu jo mujh say mili' are still quite famous.

Yasir was just 20-21 years when he directed his first music video, “Milan”. He took the video to Ghazanfar Ali, the Executive Director of Combined Studios, who liked the video so much, that he offered him to direct a music programme, Music Channel. Yasir terms it as a major breakthrough in his career, since directing a music show for PTV at such a young age was in itself an achievement.

Then continued a similar programme on NTM titled Music Channel Charts, which was the first pop-music show based on weekly charts. 'MCC became the launching pad for many present-day popular singers. Yasir has the privilege of directing nearly 70-80 music videos for around 50 episodes of MCC. Soon after MCC, Yasir started working on two projects, one was his new audio album' Jogi' and the other was 'French Toast', a seven episode mini-serial based on musical band’s struggle in showbiz.

In 1995 Yasir started his own production company called Pegasus Productions. He started a series of telefilms called Tapal Cinema and made many popular short films including Zeher, Kashish, Chand, Shehzadi and Rahain etc. Renowned writers penned these short films and Yasir takes pride in concurring that a whole new breed of talent including Humayun Saeed, Ali Afzal and Shamoon Abbasi joined the mini-screen with those telefilms. The era of 1995-97 truly belongs to Yasir Akhter. Besides working on his personal projects he was also seen in serials like Monsoon, Khwab Suhanay, Yeh Jahan and various other shows. Meanwhile his album' Jogi' attained immense popularity and his songs 'Tere naal dil mileya, Choom l0 aasman ko, Jogi' and 'Chandni' became street favourites.

Yasir has recently released his third album Yasir “My Love” and three of the main videos have also been released which include 'Chann mahi, Sanam' and My Love. Responding to another question about the transition in his style, Yasir maintained that change is something, which is inevitable and so subtle that one hardly feels it in ones' self. Change is a natural process. Your voice changes with time, the recording equipment upgrades.

None of his music videos have ever been directed by anyone else. Recently Yasir travelled all the way to Egypt for shooting two of his videos 'Chanchal' and 'Betaab'. He thinks that the song 'Chanchal' has some Arabic touch in it and he wanted to shoot it at some historical place. 'Besides the tune, he always wanted to visit the pyramids. So he thought this would be a nice idea to shoot his songs over there making it a pleasure-cum-business.

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