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About Zubeen Garg

Female singer Zubeen Garg from India, famous due to bollywood

Playback Singer


Zubeen Garg Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Zubeen Garg (Assamese: জুবিন গাৰ্গ, born 18 November 1972) is a singer and composer from Assam, India, in the Bollywood and Assamese music scene. He plays dhols, guitar, dotora, mandolin, keyboard and various percussion instruments.


Garg hails from Jorhat, a city in upper Assam. His birth name is Zubeen Borthakur. He was named after the great composer Zubin Mehta and uses his gotra name, Garg, as his surname. Garg was born to Mohan Borthakur, a famous lyricist, poet and a magistrate (who uses the pseudonym Kapil Thakur), and the late Ily Borthakur.

The Borthakur family has its roots in Janji, Sivasagar. Mohan Borthakur was a magistrate and he and his family moved often during Garg's early years. Ily Borthakur was a dancer, actress and singer, but she never turned these talents into a professional career. Instead, she decided to teach her son at home. Garg's younger sister Jongki Borthakur was a well-known singer and actress who died in a car accident in 2002. Zubeen's other sister Palme, a bharatanatyam dancer, runs a dance academy in Guwahati.

Feeling indebted to his fans from Assam, Garg became involved in various charitable organizations dealing with AIDS and cancer. He is also president of societies including Destination (fpr autistic children), the All-Assam Cultural Organisation, and Vande.

Garg lives with his wife Garima, a fashion designer, in his Mumbai flat, which is a part of his music studio called Sound & Silence. Zubeen is also a prominent actor in Assamese films. His films have won national awards.

Entering the music scene

Garg considers his mother to be his first guru and mentor. He started learning tabla from Guru Robin Banarjee, and then continued learning Assamese folk music from Guru Romoni Rai. He attended Jagannath Barooah College in Jorhat, and then moved to B. Barooah College, where he pursued Bachelor of Science. He left before completing his degree. When he received the gold medal for his western solo performance in a 1992 youth festival, he got his first taste of success and confidence as vocalist. Apart from playing dhols, dotara, mandolin, percussions, Garg is an accomplished keyboard player. He entered the professional music scene in 1992, releasing his first album, Anamika. This unusual album, became an instant hit in northeast India and had a strong influence on the Assamese musical landscape.


Garg continues to make albums. Garg has sung more than 9000 songs in various languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali, Marathi, Nepali, English, and Bodo. His song "Ya Ali" from the movie Gangster became a superhit in India, the Middle East, and across South Asia. Following this success, he released an album titled Ya Ali Remix Blast. Z

Garg released a Hindi album Zindagi, in 2007, which was well-received. His most recent Assamese album is Mone Mone.

He has sung in many films in several Indian languages.

Film career: producer

Garg started his own production house in Guwahati. He acts in Assamese and [Bengali language|Bengali/Bangla]] films as well. In 2007 he acted in the Assamese Mon Jai which won as national award.

In 2000, Garg wrote, directed and acted in the Assamese film Tumi Mor Matho Mor. He acted, co-produced and scored music in another Assamese film Dinabandhu, for which he received a national award in 2005.

Garg has served as music director for Assamese, Hindi, and Bengali/Bangla films. He received the Best Music Award in 2005 for the Bangla movie Shudhu Tumi. He was the music director for Strings - Bound By Faith, a Hindi film directed by Sanjay Jha. He won the Rajat Kamal National Award in 2007 for best music in a short film.

His new Assamese/Bengali film You are Not My Julie is set to be released in October 2011.

List of Zubeen's albums

Assamese albums

* Anamika
* Sopunor Sokhi
* Meghor Boron
* Zubeenor Gaan
* Mukti(added by saranga)
* Hiya mon
* Zubeenor Gaan
* Shapoon
* Xabda (Sobdo)
* Paakhi(2000)
* Snigdha Jonak
* Shishu(2002)
* Maya
* Chinaki Mon
* Akou Hiya mon
* Niribili Godhuli
* Lajuki mon
* Jantra(2004)
* Raang
* Rangdhali
* Mor Priyo Geet(remake)
* Chinaki Sur(Remake)
* Rongmaanguunu
* Mukha(2006)
* Rumal(2008)
* Abujan Mon(2010)
* Bahi(2010)
* Junaki mon
* Uroniya mon
* Unmona mon
* Ringa ringa mon
* Mone Mone

List of Hindi album

* Chandini Raat
* Yuhi Kabhi
* Sparsh
* Shradhanjali(vol-i, ii & iii)
* Nupur
* Chanda
* Zindagi

Music director in Assamese films

* Barud
* Bidhata
* Daag
* Dinobondhu
* Rong
* Hiya Diya Niya
* Jeevan Nadir Duti Paar
* Jumon Sumon
* Jown Jwole Kopalot
* Prem aaru Prem
* Priya Milan
* Kanyadaan
* Mon Jai
* Nayak
* Tumi Mor Matho Mor
* Ekhan nedekha nodir Sipare


* Global Indian Film Awards (GIFA) (2006)- Best playback singer (Male) for the song "Ya Ali".
* Max Stardust Awards (2007)- New Musical Sensation (Male) for the song "Ya Ali".
* Nominated for Film Fare Awards (2007)- Best Play Back Singer.
* National Award (Rajat Kamal) (2009) for Best music director (non-feature film category) for his work on film 'Echoes of Silence'(English-Khasi)

Music Direction in Hindi movies & albums

* Strings - bound by faith (14 July 2006)
* Dhanyabad-Prashant Tamang 2007 (Indian idol 3)
* As The River Flows 2011 (upcoming)

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