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About Behroze Sabzwari

Male actor Behroze Sabzwari from Pakistan, famous due to tv

host comedian


Behroze Sabzwari Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Behroze Sabzwari, is a Pakistani Film / Television actor. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1957.

Behroze began his career from Radio Pakistan as Radio presenter, In the late 1970s he start his acting career as a child artist in "Live" television kids play Dadajan Nanajan. He won popularity with a TV play Khuda Ki Basti, in 1974 with his role Nausha.

He performs serious and comic roles with equal ease. Among his successful TV serial is Tanhaiyaan, It was Qabacha that endeared him to many households.

Behorze has appeared in a number of television commercials. He has also done many stage plays, including Mirza Ghalib Bandar Road Par.

Personal life

Behoroze is a son of Dr. Sabzwari, his father was a Naval officer. He got married to Safeena in 1986, She is the sister of film star Javed Sheikh, and has two children. His son Sheroze Sabzwari, is follows his footstep and acted in several sitcoms and television plays. Besides acting, Benroze Sabzwari owns a car showroom on Tariq Road in Karachi.

Notable television play

Khuda Ki Basti
Mera Naam Hai Mangoo

Behorze acted in very limited films, his first film was Dil Walay.

Dil Waley
Palkon Ki Chahaon
Chief Saab
Ek Aur Love Story
Khulay Asman Ke Niche

Actor Behroze Sabzwari Photos

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