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About Rehman

Male actor Rehman from Pakistan, famous due to lollywood

Hero, Producer and Director


Rehman Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Rehman was the most successful "Urdu film hero" from Dhaka, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). He debuted with Shabnam and Robin Gosh in film Chanda in 1962, which was a golden jubilee hit film. His second film Talash was another hit film. Rehman's third Dhaka-based film Bahana was an "out-door" made film in Karachi. Rehman produced and directed his first film Millan in 1964, which was a hit film. but his second film Eindhan in 1966 could not succeed. Rehman's famous film as hero and director - Darshan - became one of all time best and super hit musical film form Dhaka.
After some flop films from Dhaka like Gori, Jehan baje Shehnai, Pyasa, Kanganand Chalo maan geye, he moved to West Pakistan and got a role as second hero to Ejaz in Punjab films diamond jubilee Urdu film Dosti. He wrote the famous "Chithi" for "Sayyan jee" for Shabnam in this film. His second film as second hero to Nadeem in Nadaan was a Karachi made diamond jubilee hit film. But his other films were flopped as Tera Gham rahe salamat, Do tasveeren, Millan etc. He produced and directed to films in Lahore, Chahat was a super hit musical and romantic film but Lagan in 1981 was failed on box office.
Very few people know that Rehman had an artificial limb and throughout his film career from Milan (1964) he worked with this artificial limb. In early 60's during an accident occurred in Silhat (Bangladesh), he lost his leg while he was going for shooting purpose in a truck. Rehman died in Dhaka on July 20, 2005 after long illness.
Filmography of Rehman:
No. Year Films Language Actors
1 1962 Chanda Urdu Sultana Zaman, Rehman, Shabnam, Subhash Datta
2 1963 Talash Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Akbar, Rani Sarkar, Subhash Datta
3 1964 Millan Urdu Deeba, Rehman, Akbar, Subhash Datta
4 1965 Bahana Urdu Kaburi, Rehman, Garj Babu
5 1966 Endhan Urdu Reshma, Rehman
6 1967 Darshan Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Mustafa
7 1968 Gori Urdu Nasima Khan, Rehman, Akbar
8 1968 Jehan baje Shehnai Urdu Sachanda, Rehman, Anwar
9 1969 Kangan Urdu Sangeeta, Rehman, Anwar
10 1969 Piasa Urdu Sachanda, Rehman, Azeem
11 1970 Chalo maan geye Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Jalil Afghani
12 1971 Dosti Urdu Shabnam, Ejaz, Rehman, Husna, Rangeela, Talish
13 1973 Naadan Urdu Nisho, Nadeem, Qavi, Rehman, Tamanna
14 1974 Chahat Urdu Shabnam, Rehman
15 1974 Sawan aya tum nahin aye Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Rehman, Husna, Lehri
16 1974 Do Tasviren Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Asiya, Rehman, Rangeela
17 1975 Do Saathi Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Talish
18 1975 Neik Perveen Urdu Nisho, Mohammad Ali, Sangeeta, Rehman, Aslam
19 1978 Millan Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Rehman, Nayyar Sultana
20 1981 Laggan Urdu Babra Sharif, Rehman, Ishrat Chodhary

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