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About Vijaya T Rajendar

Male actor Vijaya T Rajendar from India, famous due to tollywood

Director, Actor, Singer, Scrip


Vijaya T Rajendar Actor Pictures Interview Biography

Vijaya Thesingu Rajendar (Tamil: விஜயா T. ராஜேதர்) is a well known personality in the Tamil film industry. Credited as T. Rajendar on screen, he is adept in many occupations in the film industry such as film directing and music composing. He is also a well known politician in Tamil Nadu. He is the father of Tamil actor T. R. Silambarasan.
Cinema career

T.Rajender burst upon the scene with phenomenal success in his early films on subjects such as romance which appealed to youngsters. However, with the passage of time, the quality of his films began to deteriorate. He is known for his his unique style of acting which includes numerous rhyming dialogues, his unconventional dialogue delivery and his signature long hair (which he always pushes back) and thick beard.

One of his popular rhymes include him saying to a villain "Vaada en machi... Vaazhaika Bhajji... Un udamba pichi... Potuduven Bhajji" which means "Come on dude... You banana Bhajji... I will tear your body... and make Bhajjis out of it!". Another of his well known dialogues is "Dandanakka Dadunkanakka" which has even been adopted by his son in a song in his 2008 film Kaalai.

In recent times,some people have criticised his style of acting,choice of apparel, gestures and dance movements.He has seen a series of flops, including his latest movie Veerasamy. He has also been widely criticized for his outspoken remarks on prominent political and media personalities and for his efforts to promote his son Simbhu.

Many of the T.R's movies were centered upon sisterly (Tangachi) sentiments. His wife Usha Rajendar also worked with him for various roles including film co-producer, guest entertainer, model and costume designer.


He joined Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam during ex-chief minister M. G. Ramachandran Era. He left the DMK in 1991 and started Thayaga Marumalarchi Kazhakam. In 1996, he came back to DMK and contested in Parktown constituency and won. He lost 2001 assembly elections from the same Parktown constituency.

In 2004, he again left DMK and started new party called All India Latchiya Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam[1]and started supporting Jayalalitha. He told in his rhetoric Tamil language "Alli Koduppa Amma, Killi Kooda kodukka mattar Karunanidhi" which meant that Jayalalitha will offer magnanimously and DMK Chief Karunanidhi will not even offer pinch. When Jayalalitha unilaterally announced her decision to not to offer any seats to his party in 2006 Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections,he waited for few more days till ADMK candidates for all constituencies are announced. Once it became clear that ADMK is no longer going to offer any seats to his party, he announced "Self respect is more important to him and he never lived life by selling self-esteem" in his rhetoric Tamil sequence words and started canvassing votes for DMK alliance.("Naan vazhndhadhu illai thanmanathai vithu, en endral suyamariyadhai ennoda sothu,udhayasuriyanukku votai kuthu".Then he left ADMK alliance and fielded candidates in 11 constituencies. His party supported DMK in balance constituencies and he campaigned throughout Tamil Nadu and attacked Vaiko[2] vehemently using his famous Tamil rhetoric sequences. ("Vaiko nee psycho... nee oru poiko.., nee engayavdhu poiko. En padam per orudhalai ragam, Vaiko oru thalai nagam" which means that Vaiko is Psycho and he is snake).His party lost deposit in all constituencies and he got 4400 votes in Mayiladuthurai constituency. He canvassed for kalaingar in last election.


As actor

Year Film Role Notes
2007 Veerasamy Veerasamy
2006 Vallavan special appearance
2002 Kadhal Azhivathillai Vakil Dada
2001 Sonnal Thaan Kathala

As director

Year Film Notes
2007 Veerasamy
2002 Kadhal Azhivathillai
2001 Sonnal Thaan Kathala
1997 Monisha En Monalisa
Shabash Babu
Rajadi Rajavan
1980 Oru Thalai Ragam

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