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About Isha Sharvani

Female actress Isha Sharvani from India, famous due to bollywood

dancer and actress


Isha Sharvani Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Isha Sharvani (born September 29, 1985 in Gujarat, India) is an Indian dancer and actress. She is known for her stylistic and difficult dance performances. She has also starred in some Bollywood films.

Early life

She was born in Gujarat, to Daksha Seth, a famous dancer of Gujarati descent. She has lived in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Orissa, Vrindavan and Bangalore, before settling down in Thiruvananthapuram.

Isha's parents reside at Vellayani Lake near Thiruvananthapuram(The place is Ookkode near vevila Mahavishnu temple). They founded an arts school called (AARTI) The Academy for Art Research, Training and Innovation where she lived for 13-14 years. At the age of seven, she began formal learning of dance from her mother and learned Kalaripayattu, Kathak and Chhau dance as well as giving performances in twenty-two countries over last seven years.

According to an interview with India Daily, Isha stated she "lived a different life poles apart from the film industry. For 11 years I have been training eight to 10 hours a day in a very disciplined atmosphere where there is no distinction between boys and girls. I was not supposed to cry over a clipped nail. Beyond stage even my wardrobe has mostly unisexual dresses, jeans and T-shirts".


Isha never gave acting in Bollywood a priority, until she was spotted by Subhash Ghai who required someone with talented dancing skills to perform in his movie Kisna (2005). He offered her a main role in the film opposite Vivek Oberoi. The film did not do well but her dance performances were appreciated.

Since then she has continued her dance performances on stage, as well as signing for several additional movies which were released in 2006 and 2007. She appeared as a female lead in the Hindi comedy Darwaza Bandh Rakho in 2006. She has mentioned she would be open to acting in Bengali films, provided that the roles are of her interest.

Personal life

Sharvani has been linked with Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan


Year Film Role Other notes
2005 Kisna Lakshmi Released
2006 Darwaza Bandh Rakho Isha Released
2006 Rocky: The Rebel Neha Released
2006 Good Boy, Bad Boy Rashmi Released
2008 U, Me aur Hum Natasha Released
2009 Luck by Chance Nikki Walia Released

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