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About Namrata Singh Gujral

Female actress Namrata Singh Gujral from India, famous due to bollywood

Famous Film "Kaante"


Namrata Singh Gujral Actress Pictures, Interviews, Biography

Namrata Singh Gujral born 26 February 1976 is an American actress.

She is of Sikh faith and Indian as well as Tibetan descent. She was born in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh and is a 1998 graduate from the University of West Florida.


* Producer/Director for breast cancer docu-drama titled 1 a Minute scheduled for release in October 2010 (6 October 2010 in USA).[2]
* "Shalini Singh/Shelley" in WB's Americanizing Shelley
* "Vidi" in 2009 release Mitsein
* "Fari Bin Ghori" on CBS's The Agency
* "Nurse Kathy" on NBC's Passions
* "Renu Mathur" in Bollywood blockbuster Kaante
* German–Samoan beauty, Anna Kraus in the staged reading of The Shark Hunter where she co-starred with Yancey Arias (of King Pins and Miss Saigon).
* Cameo appearance in the Ben Kingsley/Jennifer Connelly starrer House of Sand and Fog
* "Jaya Kushala" in Microsoft's Xbox game Quantum Redshift
* Saira Ahmed in Family Law (TV series)
* Yossi Saadi in Dragnet (series)

Current projects

* Gujral was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2008. She is featured in UniGlobe Entertainment's breast cancer docu-drama titled 1 a Minute scheduled for release on October 6, 2010 in 532 theaters. This is the largest release to date for a cancer-related film. The docudrama is being directed and produced by Gujral and will also feature breast cancer suriviors Olivia Newton-John, Diahann Carroll, Melissa Etheridge, Mumtaz and Jaclyn Smith as well as William Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin and Priya Dutt. This is Gujral's directorial debut. The feature is narrated by Kelly McGillis. The film will also star Bárbara Mori, Lisa Ray, Deepak Chopra and Morgan Brittany. (see ref list and links for notability)

* Lead roles in the romantic comedy Americanizing Shelley with Beau Bridges, directed by Lorraine Senna of The Sopranos and Northern Exposure, which is currently in theaters and also the upcoming science fiction feature STILL, scheduled to start production in 2010.

* Namrata also makes her singing debut with her recently recorded single Dancin' In The Clouds, a never-been-done-before American Country rock meets Bollywood style duet, with country star Steve Azar ("Waitin’ On Joe w/ Morgan Freeman), currently playing on Country Music Television. The single also features on MTV and VH1. Well known Hollywood composer Jay Ferguson of Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne fame produced the single. This makes Namrata the FIRST American artist with Eastern[disambiguation needed] roots to be ever featured on CMT.


* AskMen.Com's "Actress-Of-The-Week" in November 2007.

* For her role of Pakistani-American "Saira Ahmed" on CBS's Family Law, Namrata along with co-stars Tony Danza and Kathleen Quinlan were Columbia Tristar's official nomination for the Emmy Awards 2002.

* Is commonly referred to as "America's Spiciest Sweetheart".


* 1 a Minute (2010)
* STILL (2010)
* Americanizing Shelley (2007)
* Kaante (2003)
* House of Sand and Fog (2003)
* Mitsein (2009)
* The Agency CBS - (2001–2002)
* Passions NBC - (2001–2005)
* Family Law (2001)
* Dragnet (2004)
* Training Day (2001) as Latina Beauty

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