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About Falguni Pathak

Female singer Falguni Pathak from India, famous due to bollywood

Pop Singer


Falguni Pathak Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Falguni Pathak (Gujarati: ફાલ્ગુની પાઠક, Hindi: फाल्गुनी पाठक), born March 12, 1964, is an acclaimed singer and performing artist from India, based in Mumbai. Her music is based on traditional musical forms from the Indian state of Gujarat. Since her professional debut in 1998, she has developed into an artist with a large fan following across India.

Her debut album was released in 1998 and was the first of at least a dozen bearing her name. She has also recorded numerous songs for Bollywood movies. The theme of most of her songs is love. She has performed in many shows in India and other countries, many of which have run all night. Her powerful voice and energetic performances are backed by a band (called Ta Thaiyaa) that can go up to eighteen members.


Using traditional Gujarati Folk songs, Falguni performs live in Navratri every year around the world.

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