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About Sagarika

Female singer Sagarika from India, famous due to bollywood

Singer Shaan Elder Sister


Sagarika Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Sagarika (born Sagarika Mukherjee on 4 September 1970) is a popular Indian singer. Before going solo, she was half of a popular Indian duet with her younger brother Shaan with whom she has released albums such as Q-Funk, Roop Inka Mastana and Naujawan.

She released the album Maa after Shaan and her went solo. Her album is Itís All About Love was released in 2006 by Universal Distribution.

In 2001 Sagarika married Martin daCosta, who runs an event management company and was closely associated with Shaan and Sagarika for over 8 years. Sagarika and Martin daCosta are partners in Olive Bar and Kitchen chain of restaurants.

She also did a song with a very famous Pakistani Band Strings called "Pal". Which is featured in Strings fourth album Dhaani.

Singer Sagarika Photos

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