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About Shiraz Upal

Male singer Shiraz Upal from Pakistan, famous due to tv

Pakistani Pop Singer


Shiraz Upal Singer Pictures Interview Biography

It is a fact that for the last two years Pakistani pop music has witnessed a lot of new bands, new artists and new video directors as well. Shiraz Upal is not a new name, the guy has been working in the music scene for the last four years and has given upteen numbers that have touched the hearts of many. His last hit number was Tera Te Mera that was a runway success depicting the story of loved ones and their sacrifice for one another. After been out of scene for around a year, the guy is back with a vengeance. His latest track is Jhukhi Jhuki, a soul stirring song that is the title track from his upcoming album. Jhuki Jhuki has been directed by young and upcoming director Umar Anwar, who before that has directed Strings 'Kahani Mohabbat Ki' and Jal's Aadat. He is no doubt one of the best upcoming directors in the town right now and this video is a proof of his exceptional directional abilities.

Like most of the recent videos' themes, this video is also completely off - quite irrelevant to be precise with the song. The song is slow paced, exhibiting memories, some unforgettable moments spent together; it is undoubtedly the best track on their album with regards to vocals and composition. Shiraz Upal has done a remarkably good job with the vocals and the compositions. But the video is unique; it revolves around a bus, and shows the different sorts of people traveling in that. There are different types of people in them including a Malang who is humming this song. Good, though it has no relevance with the beautiful song but the video speaks out the exceptional quality been churned out. The video has some very good shots of the Pakistan and interestingly enough, there is no performance by Shiraz Upal, he is also humming the song as like the other people on the bus. Though the execution of the video, whatever the concept might be, is bizarre but it is no doubt a good concept, handled very well and remar ably.

Many of Umar Anwar's fans find it hard to understand the theme of his videos, as it was with his debut Aaadat and also with Kahai Mohabbat Ki. For most of the people this song is an imitation to the Swades 'Yun Hi Chala' but it is not, it is way different than that. It is fact that finally a typical boy-meets-girl-they-fall-in-love-and-they-depart one, or with band members dancing around wearing cheesy outfits type videos are finally over and there is more to serious themes and videos. All in all, a wonderful work on part of Umar Anwar. Ali Muhammad's work as usual stand out of the rest because of his excellence shots, taking techniques and angles that he has used.

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