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About Srikanto Acharya

Male singer Srikanto Acharya from India, famous due to dollywood

Music Director and Singer


Srikanto Acharya Singer Biography, Interview & Pictures

Srikanto Acharya is a Kolkata-based modern Bengali singer-songwriter and music director.

Early life

Srikanto was born in Kolkata, India and is son of Rohini Nandan Acharya and Kana Acharya. He got formal training in music from Dakshinee. He also got trained in tabla from Ustad Ali Ahmed Khan. He quit his job as a sales professional and then Utpal Chakravarty, proprietor of an old music store convinced him to drop in his cassettes at Sagarika Music. He got a call from them within a week and they offered him a contract to sing for them.


* Anandalok Award - Best Male Playback Singer for Amar Bhuban in 2004
* Bengal Film Journalists' Association - Best Male Playback Award for Titli in 2003
* Outstanding Young Person's Award for his achievements in Music awarded by the North Calcutta Junior Chamber


Basic Albums

* Ami Noi
* Ghuri (Anandabazar Best Puja Album of the year 2004)
* Jibon Chhobi (Best Rabindrasangeet Music Award 2004)
* Yeh Chahat (Hindi)
* Nodir Chhobi Anki (Anandabazar Best Album of the year 2001)
* Bristi Tomake Dilam (Anandabazar Best Puja Album of the year 2000)
* Nil Dhribotara
* Kono Ekdin
* Nivrito Praner Debota
* Kachhei Achhi
* Hridoy Aamar
* Roudrochhaya
* Anubhobe Jenechhilem
* Smritir Soroni
* Apon Gaan
* Sanj Sakaler Robi
* Moner Janala
* Uttoron

Albums (Collaborative)

* Ganbela (with Lopamudra Mitra)
* Pather Saathi (with Rajeeb Chakraborty) (Highest Selling Bengali Album of the year 2003) [3]

As Playback Singer

* Iti Mrinalini (2011)
* Noukadubi (2011)
* Bangal Ghoti Phataphati (Unreleased) (2009)
* Tomar Jonyo (2008)
* Antarotamo (2008)
* Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited (2008)
* Chalo Let's Go (2008)
* Khela (2008)
* Titli (2001)

As Music Director

* Krishnakanter Will

Singer Srikanto Acharya Photos

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