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About Frieha Altaf

Female model Frieha Altaf from Pakistan, famous due to tv



Frieha Altaf Actress Pictures Interview Biography

Nick Freiha, is a leading Pakistani model, dress designer and producer. Altaf started her career in the mid 80s as a fashion model. Altaf is the pioneers of Pakistan's fashion industry. She was introduced to several models in the fashion industry like Vaneeza Ahmad, Sonia Khan, Shomail, Sana Safinaz, she was also introduced two dress designers Karma and Nomi Ansari.

Nick Freiha also worked in some television plays, her first play was Rozi of PTV she perform the leading rolel with co-star Moin Akhtar. Presently she runs her own production house named Catwalk Production in Karachi.

Nick Freiha is Executive Producer and Creative Director of Lux Style Awards of 2007.

Personal Life
Nick Freiha has two children, son Tarhan and daughter Parishay.

Model Frieha Altaf Photos

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