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About Shayan Munshi

Male model Shayan Munshi from India, famous due to bollywood

Film "Jhankar Beats"


Shayan Munshi Model Pictures, Interview, Biography

Shayan Munshi infamous for lying in the Murder of Jessica Lall trial is an Indian model turned actor who made his debut in the 2003 Bollywood film Jhankaar Beats. Shayan, who is from Kolkata, was married to former VJ and actress Peeya Rai Chowdhary in 2006. Shayan has also been seen in music videos and films like My Brother Nikhil.

He was a witness in the Murder of Jessica Lall trial and was considered a liar. He is facing perjury charges as a result.


1. Banshiwala (2010)
2. Ekti Tarar Khonje (2010) .... Abhi
3. Morning Walk (2009) .... Ajay
4. Ahista Ahista (2006) .... Dheeraj Ansaria
5. The Bong Connection (2006) .... Andy Sen
6. Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar Tak (2005) .... Corporate man 1
7. Amar Joshi Shahid Ho Gaya (2005)
8. My Brother... Nikhil (2005) .... Kelly Menzes
9. Jhankaar Beats (2003) .... Neel

Model Shayan Munshi Photos

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