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About Priya Sachdev

Female model Priya Sachdev from India, famous due to bollywood

Film "Neal 'N' Niki"


Priya Sachdev Model Pictures, Interview, Biography

Priya Sachdev is an Indian model from New Delhi, India.


She has acted in television commercials and appeared in the Yash Chopra movie Neal 'n' Nikki. She also appeared in a couple of Punjabi music videos of Jazzy-B, Jassi Sidhu, etc.

Prior to becoming an actress, she spent three years studying at prestigious University College London, graduating in 1999 with a BSc in Mathematics (as Priya Shah). She is married to hotelier Vikram Chatwal of New York. They are known to have the 3rd most expensive wedding ceremony ever with a cost of 20 million USD spanning across 3 cities in India.

The latest interview with Mr. Vikram Chatwal reported in "The Times of India" dated 04 September 2011, reported that Priya and himself are separated. He said he was too young when got married. Priya and him wanted different things from the marriage and they had different goals and expectations from life.

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